Re: Mari Broman Olsen (nee Mari Broman)

From: Edgar M. Krentz (
Date: Sat Dec 14 1996 - 19:19:50 EST

>Hi, Edgar,
>Good points! I basically agree with what you say, but want to clarify two
>1. Just so everyone knows, Mari had *one* example using NUN. I searched and
>found lots more - the reason I've said so much about NUN is simply that it
>was an easy thing to search for.
>2. The evidence needed for a conclusive proof is different from the evidence
>needed to formulate a hypothesis. I see Mari's thesis as a very interesting,
>well formulated hypothesis.

Whatever else your posting did, it made me curious to read Mari Olson's
work. I guess I will have to ask her for her articles--and look to the
publication of her book.


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