MONOGENHS Etymology Question

From: Albert Collver, III (
Date: Fri Jan 03 1997 - 14:06:55 EST

        Several people have written that the etymology of MONOGENHS is MONO and
GENOS/OUS "kind" rather than MONO "one, single" and GIGNOMAI "becoming, be
born." This was new to me.
        I am curious as to the source. LSJ gives the etymology as Gignomai. BAGD does
not give an etymology. TDNT says it is from GENESIS which is still rooted in
GIGNOMAI. Louw & Nida do not give an etymology but they prefer the translation
"unique." This exhausts the lexicons I have in my library. Where can I find a
source that lists GENOS as the root?
Albert Collver

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