Pre-release announcement: (The Book of) Revelation Resources

From: Georg S. Adamsen (
Date: Sat Jan 04 1997 - 06:06:44 EST

I am creating a resource system for scholars and serious students of
the Book of Revelation. It can be found on

Revelation Resources are only in its initial phase. I have so far
created a scheleton of themes concerning the study of the Book of
Revelation, but have managed to fill in few actual resources so far,
although many are on their way. Feel free to take a look and help me
with whatever comments you may have: e-mail:

The idea of Revelation Resources is to give references with comments.
I have a few references without comments in the pre-release system,
because they are important. Comments will follow later. Revelation
Resources are not intended to give references only, but useable
information, perhaps even knowledge.

If there is any interest, I will also launch a mailing list for
scholars and serious academic students working with Revelation. Follow
the link at the main page of Revelation Resources.


Georg S. Adamsen
Researcher, cand.theol.

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Revelation Resources:

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