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Date: Sat Jan 04 1997 - 23:11:41 EST

At 10:41 PM 1/4/97 -0500, Thomas Biddy wrote:
>Dear Sir;
>How do I sub the ecchst-l@bgu.edu list?
TTD: Write listproc2@bgu.edu

with the message

SUB ECCHST-L Your name

"Th[e] list's owners are:

You should contact them if there are any problems."

"ECCHST-L (ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY LIST) is a forum for the discussion of
the scholarly discipline of the History of Christianity.

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Near Eastern specialist and Egyptologist. . .are too aware of the
isolationism often seen in traditional classics--or more precisely in
studies of Greek civilization--with its emphasis on the events of a
relatively short period, primarily in a particular exemplar of a single
group of cultures. Studies that appear to see fifth-century B.C.E Athens as
the defining experience of all civilization puzzle those whose interest lie
in other areas of the Mediterranean antiquity, and still more those
concerned with other regions of the world.

                                "On The Aims And Methods of Black Athena"
                                by John Baines in Black Athena Revisited

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