Acts 6:11 AKHKOAMEN - I heard a verb in my attic!

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Jan 06 1997 - 09:50:24 EST

I've been playing "guess the verb" using Nathan Han's "A Parsing Guide to
the Greek New Testament" - I read a passage, and write down the parse codes
for each verb, then compare them with Han.

In Acts 6:11, Han says that AKHKOAMEN is a 2d perfect in the Attic dialect
(1 p. pl. 2 perf. act. ind. Att). But the same form is treated differently
when used in 1 John. Here is what he says for three examples:

Acts 6:11 1 p. pl. 2 perf. act. ind. Att
1Joh 1:1 1 p. pl. perf. act. ind
1Joh 1:5 1 p. pl. perf. act. ind. Att

Is there a reason that these three examples are treated differently?


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