Re. What was that!

From: Paul F. Evans (
Date: Tue Jan 07 1997 - 21:30:37 EST


I got three identical pieces of e-mail, seemingly from B-Greek, requesting
a survey. The e-mail address was something like stealth@.... They took
little time to down load and had no personal name attached. Anyone else
get these strange posts? What were they? I began to read one and then
deleted them all out of panic! I am not a computer genius so I am scared
to death of the whole virus scene. The subject line read something "A
PERSONAL SURVEY...." in caps. and the writer claimed to be making a survey
for Bachelors degree. However, the some questions about forests and trees
struck me as odd.

Paul F. Evans
Thunder Swamp Pentecostal Holiness Church
MT. Olive NC

"Endeavouring to make use of NT Greek in a real life ministry!"

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