Re: Etymology vs. Usage

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Mon Jan 06 1997 - 12:53:48 EST

Far be it from me to insist that this discussion be closed if people really
want to continue it, but it appears to me that (1) the lines of opposing
views on the matter are clear to everyone by now, and (2) there are
fundamental differences of opinion here on the right methodology for
determining the right sense of words in a given text, and these may very
well reflect what are ultimately theological differences between adherents
of the opposing views. To be sure, theological arguments have not been
explicitly brought to bear upon the subject thus far, but they appear to me
to be lurking--and to the extent that this may be the case, I would hope
that realm of theological presuppositions which can only undermine
community (OU GAR OIKODOMEI TOIAUTA!) make it more difficult for us to be
helpful to each other. Is there really something NEW to be said on this

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