Re: Ovid film (was peter-meter)

From: Andrew J. Wiesner (
Date: Wed Jan 08 1997 - 17:59:16 EST

Slavitt's translation of the MM is at times informed by the cinema, and the
connection apparently didn't seem too anachronistic to him either. It's
explicit at, for example, the beginning of book 7 (p. 125 of Slavitt's

        Cut to [iamque]: the Argo, of course. The ship is on its way
        to Colchis, having already undergone many trials
        and achieved many triumphs . . .

Andy Wiesner
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According to P I A Young:
> > On another note:
> >
> > Has anyone run across any pieces on Ovid that employ film theory? I am
> > really interested in how visual the *Metamorphoses* is, and am thinking that
> > this would be an extremely fertile (and not too anachronistic) approach.
> >
> > Thanks!
> >
> > Laura
> > Laura Lee Poe Bayne
> > Program in Comparative Literature
> > University of Texas, Austin
> >
> >
> You may be interested in a film made in the early 80's by a Polish
> director whose name I forget, which is 'loosely based' on Ovid's *Ars
> Amatoria*. It's available on video in the UK on the 'Redemption' or
> 'Jezebel' label. The general verdict is that it is an excuse for some
> soft-porn dross, but maybe that also says something about the sorts of
> responses Ovid evokes among his modern receivers. Moo! I'm from Bristol too.
> Philip Young
> U. of Bristol, UK.

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