Re: Galatians 6:13

From: Eric Weiss (
Date: Wed Jan 22 1997 - 15:38:31 EST

Sometimes my foolish comments amaze me! Galatians 6:13 isn't an example of
the 3D attributive position.

After I sent my message to you last night about Galatians 6:13 (EN THi
hUMETERAi SARKI), I got out my Smyth and Wallace and reread your note to me
and their articles (Smyth #1157 or so) on the attributive use of the article.
Now I would simply translate Galatians 6:13 as "in order that they might
boast in YOUR flesh" vs. EN SARKi hUMWN "in order that they might boast in
your flesh" (or "in your FLESH").

Eric Weiss

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