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Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 12:39:23 EST

Carl Conrad wrote in reply:

>>2. Ack. I just did some research and found roughly 736 instances of
>>double acute. My agony is now doubly acute, since this is the first
>>time I've noticed it. :-(
>>3. What about these cases:
>> Matthew 3:11 I)SXURO/TERO/S MOU/
>> Luke 8:46 H(/YATO/ MOU/
>> Acts 25:10 KAI/SARO/S E(STW/S
>> 1 Cor. 10:19 EI)DWLO/QUTO/N TI/ . . . EI)/DWLO/N TI/
>> Rev. 19:10 SU/NDOULO/S SOU/
>> Rev. 22:9 SU/NDOULO/S SOU/
>>These don't seem to fit in with Carl's "if and only if" statement regarding
>>the necessity of a following enclitic.
>Every word ollowing the double-accented word in the above instances is an
>enclitic except for E(STW/S, and that's an error. KAI/SARO/S ought to be
>spelled KAI/SAROS with only one accent;that's the way it is spelled in UBS3
>and UBS4.

The following is posted as a COURTESY, NOT A CRITICISM !!!!!

The second accent is not there in NA26 or NA27 either for KAISAROS in Acts

I just did a quick check of some of the Bible software programs and found
the second accent on KAISAROS on the older version of BibleCompanion (but not
on the new version, because the text is derived from the GRAMCORD database
directly, which uses NA27), BibleWorks and BibleWord, which leads me to believe
that it is there in the ASCII version of the GNT sent to the software companies
by UBS/ABS. It isn't there in Logos' latest (they may derive their Greek text
from the GC database they license as well, I don't know; I was not able
to check the latest BibleWindows, since the last version I have will not
run on Win95...perhaps someone else can tell us about their text).

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