EKAQEUDEN: Is Perseus wrong?

From: Jonathan Robie (jwrobie@mindspring.com)
Date: Sat Jan 11 1997 - 14:06:52 EST

When the storm hit, Jonah went down into the ship, KAI EKAQUEDEN KAI
ERREGXEN (Jonah 1:5). I didn't recognize EKAQEUDEN, so I ran it through the
Perseus morphological parser, and Perseus told me this:

 ekatheuden, imperf ind act 3rd sg, nu_movable root_preverb

Nu-movable root-preverb? I clicked on the LSJ entry, and it told me that
this was made up of two words:

  Preverb: KATA
  Dictionary entry: KAQEUDW

Call me blind, but I don't see a trace of KATA in EKAQUEDEN. To me, this
looks like an imperfect form of KAQEUDW, without any nu-movable
root-preverb, and I'd guess that Jonah went to his cabin, lay down, and
balled his eyes out (snorting like a horse).

Am I missing something here? How reliable is the morphological parser for
Perseus? Does anybody know how it works?


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