From: kali t. korkos (
Date: Sun Jan 12 1997 - 00:42:28 EST

        I just signed onto this listserver a few minutes ago for the first
time. It has been many years ince I formally studied Greek, classical, that
is. I have recently obtained my Master's Degree in Learning Disability and
now may have time to go back to some of my old interests. I am of Greek
descent and have always spoken and written modern Greek since a child. This
helped me tremendously when I was studying Greek, especially while I lived
in Greece. At this time, I am working on a project that will require
renewed study of Greek and a little Latin. Does anyone have knowledge of a
version of the Septuagint on CD or diskette for IBM PC? I am not a real
Greek scholar, but I do have a good working knowledge of classical and NT
Greek. Also, I would love to acquire a computerized version of a good Latin
dictionary, and, of course, a good Greek one inclusive of the various stages
of Greek, from classical through New Testament.
        Any suggestions? Any ideas will help.
        You can e-mail me to above addresss.


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