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From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 17:30:23 EST

At 1:15 PM -0600 1/9/97, Rod Decker wrote:
>> >>If you're going to criticise Wallace, then I'm sure that we can get
>>>>a debate going on b-greek... and I'm sure that Daniel Wallace
>>>>would be interested in joining that debate... because he's on
>>>>b-greek too. ;-]
>Sorry to disappoint you, but Dan Wallace is not subscribed to b-greek
>presently (unless he has a new address).
>I think your better option to get some feedback on this issue is for each
>of you to state your question about the Greek text in a brief paragraph and
>see if anyone is interested. (I think we've been over this ground before,
>and not too long ago, so you might check the web archive.) I doubt many
>will try to untangle the very long post you made. It's not at all clear
>"who is who" and "what is what".
>(I left the subject line alone so it will thread properly, but I wince at
>the thought that I've been teaching "grammer" all these years!

Rod's proposal makes sense in itself, but personally, I find disturbing the
NATURE of the attack on Wallace's "Grammer." I have some objections of my
own to some things in the grammar, particularly the multiplication of
explanatory categories and questionable terminology for some of the new
categories. Nevertheless, it appears to me that the "debate" suggested here
has as its purpose the exposure of deliberate distortion of grammatical
facts in order to promote a particular docrine or reject another. And it
appears to be also a reason for reviving the thread on John 8:58 to which
Rod refers, the demise of which appears to me to be not much lamented. My
recollection of that thread is that it became a repetitive and interminable
duologue over doctrine more than over text. I would not like to see this
"debate" here; I think that there's far too much substance in Wallace's
grammar to make it the subject of group evaluation here. My question about
such a discussion is: CUI BONO? Who would really benefit from it?

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