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From: Walt McFall (
Date: Thu Jan 09 1997 - 21:29:20 EST

Sorry... I didn't get the last part just right... it should have
ended something like...

Alan wrote:
> >Finally, many important Greek Grammars give John 8:58 as an example
> >of the historical present. I'll list them another time.
I wrote saying that *IF* John 8:58 is *NOT* a historical present than it
is certainly possible that it refers to Ex 3:14...
> >>Now, here's a PhD Greek scholar who says that John 8:58 refers to
> >>Ex 3:14, and **YOU** say that it is impossible.

Alan wrote:
> >Wallace has been shown to be dishonest. All of his writings are
> >therefore suspect.

> >>If you're going to criticise Wallace, then I'm sure that we can get
>>>a debate going on b-greek... and I'm sure that Daniel Wallace
>>>would be interested in joining that debate... because he's on
>>>b-greek too. ;-]
Alan wrote:
> >Ok, let's do it. Let's see if he can defend his arguments in light
> >of the above. I think you'll see him run with his tail between
>>his legs.


Walt McFall

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