Re: Dan Wallace's Grammar

From: Alan M Feuerbacher (
Date: Fri Jan 10 1997 - 14:16:38 EST

Hi Jim,

>>I argued that Wallace failed to mention John 14:9 in the NT, and
>>passages like Genesis 31:38, 41 in the LXX ...
>>I argued that such an omission is deliberate
>>and unscholarly.
>I think it is appropriate to point out omissions that you believe speak
>against a scholar's point of view.

So what is your opinion of Wallace's omission of the texts I mentioned?

>I think it is inappropriate, at any
>level of discourse, to accuse or even to intimate that someone has
>deliberately omitted evidence because that evidence speaks against the
>particular viewpoint he or she is trying to defend.

Normally I would agree with you, but you have to understand the nature
of the forum in which I made my original remarks (having had those remarks
improperly forwarded to B-Greek, I could hardly reformat them for this
forum in a different way). The forum is oriented toward discussions
about the Jehovah's Witnesses. I have personally done much research
about the writings of these people, and have seen much deliberate
omission of relevant information to "prove" some doctrine to the rank
and file. I know that their omissions are deliberate because in other
contexts they print the information, proving that they know it.

Wallace, in the section of his book under question, is explicitly arguing
against the Jehovah's Witness position. He appears to be a good enough
scholar to know about the texts I pointed out, yet he fails to mention
them. Therefore, I can only conclude that he deliberately omitted them.
He may have done so for good reasons, and that is precisely the reason
for my post to B-Greek -- to see if there are any good reasons to omit
them. I am completely open to correction if I misjudged Wallace and will
make a public apology if appropriate.

I stated my opinion strongly on the other forum to elicit responses from
certain participants. Additionally, when I see what I perceive as the
same unscholarly tactics the JWs use coming from a supposedly scholarly
source, I get rather irritated, because I have seen and experienced how
these tactics lead to all sorts of abuses of Christianity, such as being
"deceivers for God" (Job 13:7-11).


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