Greek and Hebrew fonts almost done

From: Bill Mounce (
Date: Sun Jan 12 1997 - 18:36:06 EST

To All,

I wasn't going to say anything until I was totally done, but in light of
the thread I thought I would. I am almost done with reworking my Greek and
Hebrew fonts. I just finished all the kerning and I need to see how I like
it. When done I will upload it to my web site so y'all can see it and let
the mailing list know. If you do, I will run it through Fontographer for
Windows and make sure it is okay. (I finally bit thebullet and bought the
Windows version -- your shareware fees hard at work!)

I am also done with a Hebrew font, and when the Greek is polished I will
let the Hebrew out as well.

Both fonts are Postscript 1 and Truetype, Mac and Windows, the same
mapping, and free. Not bad.

Bill Mounce
Teknia Software

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