Re. Greek Fonts and E-mail

From: Paul F. Evans (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 07:51:44 EST

<html><html><head></head><BODY bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><p><font size=2 color="#000000" face="Arial">List<br><br>Please forgive the personal experiment. &nbsp;I recently discovered that by switching options in my Internet Explorer e-mailer I could gain access to the Greek and Hebrew fonts in that I stored in Windows 95. &nbsp;I was curious to see if they would e-mail without being scrambled. &nbsp;I simply wanted to see how they would be returned over the listserver.<br><br><font face="Greek">Peri de twn pvematikwn, adelfoi, ou qelw ujmas agnoein.<font face="Arial"><br><br>Thanks for your patience!<br><br>Paul F. Evans<br>Pastor<br>Thunder Swamp Pentecostal Holiness Church<br>MT. Olive NC<br><br>&quot;Endeavouring to make use of &nbsp;NT Greek in a real life ministry!&quot;</p>

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