Re: Controlling Greek syntax (was Jonah 1:3 TOU FUGEIN)

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 13:14:05 EST

I can see that it is time for another trip to the bookstore -- after I talk
Esther into giving me more money for my Greek budget. I really appreciate
all the pointers and suggestions you gave, and I'll be checking them out
soon. I'm very fortunate to have people as good as you responding to my
messages, and I'll definitely take a look at your morphology and the one by

There *is* one thing I'm not so sure about: something deep inside me wonders
if memorizing tables is adequate for teaching parsing skills. I'm sure that
I need to memorize these tables, but then I need additional practice. I've
found it extremely helpful to read passages and mark them up for syntax,
comparing notes with my grammars. I'm trying to find other kinds of practice
that actually make me parse things.

At 11:39 AM 1/13/97 +0400, Carlton Winbery wrote:

>I threaten to fail on the spot any student found in the first year of
>grammar with an analytical dictionary. I even dressed down the book store
>manager for stocking them on campus. Now they at least have to travel
>about seven miles to find them in a Christian bookstore across the Red

An analytical lexicon is very helpful to me for checking my work.
Fortunately, I'm more than 7 miles away, so they are readily available here
in North Carolina.

>Boy, its sleeting hard now. We have about three inches on the ground. We
>may not get out for a week. I think I'll move further south.

Or north. There isn't any snow here in Durham!


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