b-greek font & transliteration standards?

From: Mike Adams (adtech@sprynet.com)
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 17:34:35 EST

I think Paul's on to something here!
If he's using a freebie font, couldn't we all just download it and use in
addition to (but not instead of) the customary transliteration scheme.

About once a month newbies ask about our transliteration scheme, and some
gracious soul always ends up posting the necessary facts. The information
on the fonts could be an addendum to that standard post.

And for the web-wise, it could, of course appear in the archives ever so
properly linked for easy downloading.

It sure would be neat....easier on the eyes.
Think how lovely it would be, just like having the secret decoder ring that
once came came free in the specially marked box of Cheerios!


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