Off topic: Pauline bibliography request

From: Kenneth Litwak (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 02:11:10 EST

I am working on putting together a reading list for a reading
course on Paul, in order to get up to speed on the current discussion.
I'm trying to build it around the subject of Paul and the Law, and
related issues like Paul's Christology, ethics, eschatology, etc. I'm
looking for help on what to read that will deal with Paul in a general
way that is a relatively recent book (last five to ten years for
preference) that either summarizes the current state of things in some
area or is a significant work in some area. An example would be Richard
Hays' _Echoes of Scripture in Paul_. I am of course going to include
Sanders, Westerholm, Raisenen, Dunn and Wright on Paul and the law.

    My problem is that it's easy to find books or articles to read
on Paul. Finding general studies or studies that cover whole topics,
rather than exegesis of a small unit are harder to identify, and having
identified them, I cannot tell what I ought or ought not to read. So
given that it's only one semester, and my goal is to achieve comps-level
knowledge, what would members of the list recommend? Yes, I've talked
to the professor I'm going to do this with and he started me off with an
overview article, but I still have a lot to fill in. So here's your
chance to say what you think is a really important or helpful book on
Paul. Thanks much. Feel free to email me privately, as this is
off-topic. Thanks.

Ken Litwak

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