"No Man" in the Odyssey

From: Randy Leedy (RLEEDY@wpo.bju.edu)
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 15:53:07 EST

Unrelated to biblical Greek, and therefore brief: my brother-in-law
wants to know what Greek expression is used for "No Man" when
Odysseus responds thus to the Cyclops's inquiry about his name.
Somehow I doubt that OUDEIS would be appropriate here, especially
since later that "name" is taken to imply that Polyphemus's wound was
inflicted by a god. And OUK ANQRWPOS hardly sounds like a name. On
top of all this, I suspect that neither of those expressions is even
Homeric in form.

Please, don't anyone spend time looking this up. We can find it
ourselves with a little work; I'm asking here only because I feel
certain that several of you will know right off. If whoever answers
will copy the answer to the list, the others will know not to bother.
Thanks much.

Randy Leedy

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