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Date: Thu Jan 16 1997 - 13:02:41 EST

For a more complete Septuagintal lexicographical coverage, readers might
consider a combination of LEH and Taylor, supplemented by an alternative
analysis of the <Twelve Prohpets> by Muraoka.

Edgar Krentz noted <<there is now a brief-entry lexicon for the Septuagint in
two paperback volumes>> compiled by
J. Lust [please note spelling], E. Eynikel, and K. Hauspie.
Stuttgart: Deutsche Bibelgesellschaft,
vol 1 1992, ISBN 3-438-05125-7
vol 2 1996, ISBN 3-438-05126-7

Most dictionaries provide morphological and semantic information at one place
for each listed word. This was not the intention of the LEH project.

In the preface to vol. 2 Prof. Lust writes:
<<In the introduction to the first volume we announced the publication of a
separate volume listing all the verb forms and their lemmata. Taylor's <Parsing
Guide> published in 1994 made this work redundant.>>

Dr Bernard Taylor's book is:
<<The Analytical Lexicon to the Septuagint: a Complete Parsing Guide>>
Grand Rapids: Zondervan Publishing House, 1994
ISBN 0-310-53540-9

His preface indicates a wider coverage of morphological information than LEH had
planned themselves:
<<In this lexicon all the words of the Rahlfs text of the Septuagint are fully
parsed, and the dictionary form for each word is listed.>> Taylor also
incorporates improvements and corrections to the analyses entailed by Hatch and

In his preface Lust continues, <<Meanwhile another supplement, treating the
variants mentioned in the apparatuses of the critical editions, is in the
planning stage. We are also working on a lexicon of Aquila, Theodotion and
Symmachus.>> Prof. Eynikel reported at SBL last year that some of the
statistical information in volume 1 is being revised for a later printing.
Improvements in arrangement of the information have been incorporated into
volume 2.

Also already available is the work by Prof. T. Muraoka:
<<A Greek-English Lexicon of the Septuagint (Twelve Prophets)>>
Leuven/ Louvain: Peeters, 1993
ISBN 2-87723-070-8
ISBN 90-6831-495-5

From the introduction:
<<It was originally conceived as a pilot project for exploring a whole range of
considerable difficulties asociated with Septuagintal lexicography.>> The
textual base was the Gottingen edition vol. 13 edited by Joseph Ziegler
published in 1967. << when words occurring in the Twelve Prophets occur
outside that corpus not too frequently, it was considered necessary and
desirable to cover those latter cases also, thus making those entries complete
for the entire Septuagint. Such entries number 162 out of a total of 2,018.
Among those 162 there are also found words which do not occur in our corpus, but
are semantically associated with some others which do occur there. those
entries which are complete for the entire Septuagint have been completed only
when the Gottingen edition is already available for all the data concerned.>>

Peter Burton
MacLaurin Institute

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