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From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Mon Jan 13 1997 - 17:46:25 EST

At 04:00 PM 1/13/97 +0400, Carlton Winbery wrote:
>Jonathan Robie sent;
>>ejxivstanto deV pavnte" kaiV dihpovroun, a[llo" proV" a[llon levgonte": tiv
>>qevlei tou'to ei\nai;
>Jonathan, when I copied this into Word and changed to Greek font (about 5
>secs), it came up correctly with all accents in tact. If everyone who
>works on DOS machines used that font, I could read all Greek sent in a good
>Greek font. Of course I could not read it in Greek font in Eudora, my
>e-mail program for it has no such capabilities.

I check the web site, and the fonts look fine there, too, except that the
final sigma comes out wrong in my web browser. If I copy the text back into
my word processor, it looks fine. Ain't technology wonderful?

There should be no problem copying fonts into word processors this way.
Using the <font> tags ensures that we always know the name of the font, too.
But there are enough different encoding schemes out there that I'm afraid of
the free-for-all that would result if we all started posting in our own
fonts, complete with accents and everything.

I think the best approach is to agree on a font which is available for both
Windows and Mac, and which is freely available. So far, I know about two
fonts that fit the bill:

  SGreek Fixed, available from
  SPIonic, available from

There is a *much* better font that hasn't yet been released which should be
coming down the pike very soon.

I have several fonts named "Greek" (of course, only one can install at a
time). Where did your Greek font come from? Is it commercial?


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