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From: David McKay (
Date: Tue Jan 14 1997 - 17:02:54 EST

15th January, 1997
Yesterday I discovered a facsimile of Codex Alexandrinus in the New South
Wales State library. It was a most incredible experience to try and read
it! Fortunately, the 19th century editor had a list in the front of the
first volume to help you find where each Biblical book started, and the
17th century collator had thoughtfully written page numbers on the front
side of each leaf. (I would have drowned in the sea of scriptio continua,

There was no 4th volume (New Testament section) unfortunately, and I was
really only able to make out bits and pieces ...the first verse of Psalm 1,
Genesis 1, for example.

But, it was a great thrill to have a go! I also read a little book about
Codex Sinaiticus and shake my head at how Tischendorf was able to recognise
the Biblical text in those scraps he found in the waste basket at St
Catherine's Monastery! And I hadn't realised that he worked for about 16
years to get the precious manuscript properly housed!

I still reckon that we should use an accepted transliteration scheme on
this list. I find Q for theta, etc very hard to read. However, after
yesterday's experience, I don't have much to complain about, do I?

By the way, it is a great thrill to be able to receive messages from you
all, but especially from our esteemed professors who take the trouble to
keep us on the straight and narrow! Also yesterday, I was using my bargain
price copy of Bill Mounce's Graded Reader (a wonderful book!) on the train,
and when I came home, there was a message from Bill to us on the list!

David McKay

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