Re: Greek fonts and email

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Fri Jan 17 1997 - 15:48:47 EST

James H. Vellenga <> wrote:

> I have only been vaguely following this thread, but I do
> want to put a plug in for keeping a transliteration scheme
> in the e-mails -- I have only ASCII for my e-mail, and don't
> have a PC of my own that I can install personal software
> (such as Greek fonts) on.

I agree.

Personally, I think it would be best to use accents and smooth breathing
only as much as necessary for the point that is being discussed. I like the
rough breathing marks, which makes it a little more readable for me.

IMHO, transliteration should continue to be acceptable as long as people
want to do it, and ASCII readability needs to be a big concern for any font
encoding we use here.

Note: As webmaster, I can offer possibilities that could work with our web
software, and demonstrate how various approaches might look. I do *not*
think that I have any authority to make policy here. I'm currently looking
at some fonts that have been sent to me, and I'll report back some time
(next week?).


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