present truth: EN THi PAROUSHi ALHThEIAi

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Date: Sat Jan 18 1997 - 17:06:00 EST

>John Oaklands
>I was recently introduced to a young school teacher (a teacher who was
>young!)and the word "Greek" was in there. So I asked if he were Greek.
>He said that he was not but that he had studied koine Greek. His reason
>for doing so seemed noble to me. He was never sure of interpretations
>based on the Enflish and decided that the only way for him to be more
>secure with the biblical text was to study the Greek. He discovered that
>interpretations of the English text were infrequently incorrect, as would
>seem to be the case with 2 Pet 1:12, what think ye?

... "think ye," John, that your young student of Greek was not noble only,
but also astute, as "interpretations based on the English" are lending to
further interpretations... based on ... and so on down to further inter-
pretations (hmm, typed, almost, interpre-tentions, kind'a slip, I suppose)
based... you know, no end to it. Not that the situation is that much better
with the study of Greek, in itself! Even students are beginning to know this.
"Dyo xilieties" of compounded Greek scholarship and, where is the "secure"
feeling with the biblical text the student seeks? Now, I am sure you did
encourage him to go on headfirst with this Greek, as also hope you did
support further along his idea 'bout the state of "Greek" scholarship --
all very well and hopefully, really, when one comes to think of it, that
few (relatively speaking) but cognisant of their Socratic "autognwsia"
remain, not unlike the young and innocent, yet quite wise, playful huskies,
on the... Truth trail!

Kalimera Kyries kai Kyrioi,

This is Isidoros, director of a research and study centre in Athens, and on
the island of Chios, IWNIKO KENTRO Epistiimwnikwn kai Pneumatikwn Spoudwn,
a student of the word, logos, and the re-logos, that which became
re-leg(e)i(o)n, religion, for the many, reading in your erudite forum for a
month I think or so, and deciding finally to s-peak, invited by John's
thoughtful query.

>The expression "present truth" is found once in the KJV in 2 Pet 1:12 and I
>have heard all kinds of unusual interpretations of the passage, especially
>in the sense of [...] >Anyone have anything of value on this?

We are I think in symfony, a "case for the value of knowing the Greek",
although I must say that, those that made the "translations" did read it,
too, as we know, and as are, most all of us, reading it currently.
The more significant question it seems to me is, Who is reading?! (wearing,
having (been) worn (with), what kind of "glasses"?? And then, what Greek??
Of, rather, what level of "kat-ech-i-sm"?!! What levels of this do
translations, as we know them satisfy?

Here is our case in point. Let me translate it for you at one level (I), and
do please allow momentarily for the transliteration given below (relating,
thus too, if I may, to the current Greek font discussion)

     Ev tn parousn aln8eia

(I) In [under] the current [present] (state of the) truth

rather close to the KJV, while the NRSV ("in the truth that has come to
you;") or the mod German ("in the truth that is with you ") as also the
French ("in the truth which you have received.") are, I think we should all
agree, rather interjecting their own conscious or subconscious theological
_bies_ in order to accommodate, or even propound their manner of orthodoxy.
Well, I got some thoughts about the whole lot of this.

But, think I said enough, for a first posting! and for first reading level.
I should gladly hear for some dialogue, if there is interest --only to add
that after three days I'be away from my keyboard, for a week, but there
may be time for at least the start of an exhange before parting. The "mail"
"runs" fast nowadays, and John's reflections seemed as if ought not wait
for a whole long ten days, at least to hear from me.

Thank you for the filoxenia (though this feels really, and after reading
B-Greek for a while, as said already, almost as comfortable as a home
should be).



The Ionic Centre, Athens

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