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Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 01:54:23 EST

>>(i) the H augment substituting for the A in the case, specifically,
>>of the verb AQETW is a truly rare (and not a "fair," either, aesthetically,
>>nor is it, in its usage, a very effective) one, such that
>>it is to be expected to be met anyway rarely
>I'm not sure what kind of Greek you're talking about, but when AQETEW
>appears in the indicative aorist in the NT, it is augmented with H: Luke
>7:30, 1 Tim 5:12. In classical Attic and still in the Koine of the NT,
>alpha lengthens when augmented, and a long alpha became eta.
>Carl W. Conrad

I said rarely Carl, and I see, thank you, you are quick in proving
my point. Have you not ever seen or heard of verbs where in the
indicative aorist they may/do retain the long alpha? As, for example,
this particular case, retraining the alpha would have made for a
by far stronger (I said effective) AQETHSAN, rather than the
"finer," and by far the weaker, HQETHSAN? The prefexing A, in this
verb's particular case (as said, specifically) plays also very
effectively, if not so very obviously, its "denying," as a prothema,
role, compounded the "denying" meaning itself of this verb (AQETW,
"reject," "nullify," you had said, closer the "nullify" though closer
yet the common "take back," for the case of given position, or a
promisse, for which is used often) making thus the nullying, the
denying, felt yet stronger?!

As for my Greek? well, one that is not easily bound by any rules laid
down by any Alexandrine grammarians, and thereafter-- and the fact
that the language is spoken or written down today by so few,
comparatively speaking, inspite the want and the need and the effort by
the many, as well as the labor of love and the sweat of the few, and
not so few, if you count them, is another indication of another theory
of mine that, said aphoristically, flowers do not blossom, not in
anyway, in tightjackets, however the intention might had been, or is,
good. To every Rule, in the absolute, as you did before,. you will pull
for me, I'll find for you one thousand Greek word cases that extend
it, or suspend it, or deny it, as "The Rule" (and even if I can't one,
Carl, I'll, poetically, re-create a word, to enrich us.


The Ionic Centre, Athens

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