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From: Mike Adams (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 00:50:43 EST

Sam Johnson wrote:
> I have really enjoyed the discussions on b-greek and I have learned many
> things from the topics discussed. Maybe this is not the place to ask
> this but could Carl Conrad and Carlton Winberry provide some information
> about themselves. I have been reading their comments for almost a year
> now and have truly enjoyed their insightful comments. It has just
> occurred to me that I know very little about their educational
> background and other notable achievements and yet I read their comments
> at least 3 to 4 times a week.
> I apologize if this is embarrassing but I don't even know how old you
> guys are. I just think it will add a little personal touch to those of
> us who are really gaining some information from you that we will use for
> the rest of our lives. I do hope that you will respond to this and I
> thank you for so generously giving of your time. I am still amazed that
> b-greek is free to anyone who subscribes. THAT IS GRACE.
> sam

For info on Carl, all you need to do is log onto his website. In addition
to a bio, you'll find enough links to keep you amused for hours. As for
those who do not include web site information in their signature, if they
seem pretty clever, like for instance, Winbery, you just might find some of
their work in a seminary library or Christian bookstore.

Ellen Adams
(a remarkably uneducated and brassy lady)

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