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From: Isidoros (
Date: Mon Jan 20 1997 - 18:18:10 EST

> There is a factor here that might influence but which is not being
>considered. On most layouts of the computer keyboard for writing Greek - at
>least here in North America - the epsilon is adjacent to the omega whereas
>the rho is separated from the theta by two intervening keys. If the book in
>question was set up on a computer, or done on a typewriter or a composer
>that employs this keyboard layout HQWTHSAN written for HQETHSAN might be the
>more probable mistake.
>David L. Moore

Thanks for the thought, David.

Maybe. Though I think the difference, if any remaining, may not be
found in the letter placement of any typing keyboards (mine, by the
way, a standard one for Mac, has the epsilon adjacent to the rho, a
distance from omega) or, in this context, of said miss-taken letters.
Carl and I are I think by now in relative agreement, in respect of
each other's positions--and of the fact that it was only by chance,
though perhaps of the probabilistic, scientific, variety, that the
word proposed first "happened" to had been the "correct" one.
What may be of importance for all, I hope, is gained sense out of this
for an even deeper appreciation of the uniquely special relationship
between grammar and language.


The Ionic Centre, Athens

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