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Date: Tue Jan 21 1997 - 08:23:33 EST

Dear David:

I use the 1995 revision of the NASB along with the NKJV. In translating
Proverbs this past year, I discovered that the NKJV seems to do justice to
the Hebrew idiom in bringing it across in acceptable English. I also use the
NIV, although many times it is too paraphrastic for close and detailed study
of the text. I have used the NRSV which I think is a slight improvement over
the RSV. So I would go witht he more "literal" versions rather than ones
that use a great deal of dynamic equivalence

At 04:08 PM 1/21/97 +1100, you wrote:
>21st January, 1997
>As a distinguished bunch of august translators, I guess we don't really
>need 'em, however I'm wondering if interested list members could share
>which translations they favour and why?
>Over the years, I have read books on the current English translations, such
>as Sakae Kubo's "So Many Versions?" (I forget the co-author...sorry!) I
>recently bought Philip Comfort's "Complete Guide to Bible Versions," but
>was disappointed to discover that he works for Tyndale, who publish The New
>Living Translation, and his "review" of that book was taken from the
>preface to the book itself!
>David McKay

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