From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Wed Jan 22 1997 - 09:42:16 EST

>>>Randy and Jonathan: I just wanted to say that Randy's post on this
matter is absolutely splendid and says much more accurately and
helpfully what I was trying to say in a post that I just sent off to
Jonathan a few minutes ago. This whole business of the way in which
Hebraic formulae, particularly benedictional formulae, come to be
conveyed in Koine Greek formulae that one finds throughout the NT is
an important enough aspect of NT Greek style that it ought to be an
up-front matter discussed in books and chapters on distinctive
features of NT/Biblical Greek. I shall stash this away among stuff to
give my occasional students who do tutorial NT Greek with me.

Regards, cwc

Carl, since you're thinking of using this item, maybe I'd better
mention one minor point that I had second thoughts about: the Hebrew
speaker's being in a dilemma about how to express the thought in
question. I suppose that's an English/Greek point of view; I rather
suspect that the Semites didn't consider it a dilemma at all, since
the construction seems to be a regular feature of the language. At
any rate, thanks for the kind words.


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