Re: more on translations

From: Jeffrey Gibson (
Date: Wed Jan 22 1997 - 10:17:29 EST

On Wed, 22 Jan 1997, Andrew Kulikovsky wrote:

> Unfortunately most modern translations follow the verse and chapter
> numbering of Robert Estiene's (Stephanus) 1551 Greek text, which he
> inserted while riding his horse on a journey (so the story has it) -
> which would explain some of the bizzare verse breaks.

It's my understanding that chapter divisions (except in Psalms) were due
to the work of Stephen Langton (Langdon) d. 1228, though the time, place
(Cantebury? Paris?), and the extent (let alone how quickly and why) his
work was taken up by others is not known to me. Thought this is really an
off topic subject, does any one have more information on this?

Jeffrey Gibson

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