Re: Needed: a new atlas of the ancient world. (off topic)

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Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 11:43:44 EST

Bart Ehrman wrote:

> Jonathan is referring to the ancient atlas project headed by Richard
>Talbert in classics/history at UNC Chapel Hill. It's an immense project,
>3.5 million dollars and 75 eminent international scholars. Actually, it
>may seem "funny" (to quote Jonathan) at first; but the reality is that all
>of the atlases currently available utilize the standard atlas that was
>done some time in the 1870s (forget the precise date) -- obviously long
>before all the major archaeological work that has been so revolutionary in
>some areas. One might ask the question, how *do* I know where such or
>such a place really was? (We generally *think* we know cause we all rely
>on the completely dated information that hasn't been revised for over a
> I don't think this baby will be out in paperback. But libraries
>everywhere are sure to get it, and future "Bible Atlases" and the like
>will certainly be dependent on it, some of the completely, for many many

Let me reinforce what Bart has said here with respect to the Maps
circulating with Bible Software programs...

Recently I want to prepare an overhead from one of them (I won't mention
which one, but I checked a couple others and they were the same) and when I
looked at the placement of the Roman provinces, geographic areas, and
cities I thought I must be looking at it sideways or something; virtually
NOTHING was in the correct location. Luckily the program allowed me to move
things around !!

Just a word to the wise (ie., check against several standard up-to-date [as
much as they can be !!] maps)...


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