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Date: Thu Jan 23 1997 - 18:19:17 EST

Here is an excerpt from an announcement for the Greek Exegesis list, with
information on how to subscribe. You can see the original message in the
archives at:


The Greek Exegesis List is a forum for Koine Greek scholars, students and
laymen interesting in benefiting from such a forum to discuss issues
pertaining to New Testament Greek. This forum is decidedly exegetical in
scope: the purpose of knowing Greek is to better understand the written
Word of God. To this end, posters are highly encouraged to post
"exegetical insights" based upon their analysis of the Greek text. In
this manner, even those not knowing Greek can benefit from the list.
Harassing people, TR-only debates, and personal insults are not permitted
on this list. It is assumed that all contributers are of the Christian
faith. This is an open, unmoderated list.

To subscribe, send an email message to "" with
the words "subscribe greek" in the body of your message. To unsubscribe,
send "unsubscribe greek" to the same address.

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