Re: "vexed" in 2 Pet. 2:7

From: Carl W. Conrad (
Date: Sat Jan 25 1997 - 07:06:58 EST

At 2:47 AM -0600 1/25/97, Thomas Biddy wrote:
>I would greatly appreciate a better understanding of the meaning of vexed
>in 2 Peter. Irritated? Frustrated? Disgusted? Is there anyway to know
>what was Lot's emotional state or attitude.
> Book of 2 Peter ( Greek NT - Textus Receptus )
> 2:7 kai dikaion lwt kataponoumenon upo th" twn aqesmwn en aselgeia
> anastrofh" errusato

Louw-Nida: KATAPONEOMAI-"be distressed, with the implication of being worn
out by such an experience."

PONOS generally means exhausting effort, hard work; however, it is clearly
used of emotional strain as well and that appears to be the fundamental
sense here; the KATA element seems to intensify this sense of overwhelming
emotional strain.
The way you formulate your question seems to indicate you are trying to
ascertain his MORAL reaction, and I really don't think there's any
indication of that in the participle KATAPONOUMENON itself.

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