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From: Micheal Palmer (
Date: Sun Jan 26 1997 - 22:29:01 EST

At 6:53 PM -0500 1/26/97, David L. Moore wrote in response to my question
about a variant reading in Mark 1:4:

> The most significant difference between the two has to do with the
>inclusion of the article (present in Aleph, B, 33, L, Delta and some
>others), the inclusion of which the editors of N27 considered questionable.
>With it, the printed text of the N27/UBS4 is calling John "the baptizer" or
>"the Baptist."

Of course David is absolutely right about this. The presence or absence of
the article makes a much bigger difference than the placement of the phrase
EN TWi ERHMWi. I should have pointed that out to begin with. My concern,
however, is the difference created by the placement of the prepositional

Let me rephrase my question. What would happen if we assume for the sake of
argument that the article is NOT original, that both texts have a verbal
rather than substantival reading of the participle. In that case, what
difference would you sense between the reading which places the
prepositional phrase after the participle (the one printed in UBS4) and the
reading which places it earlier (D, Theta, etc.)? Do you sense any
difference in focus or emphasis?

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