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From: Lee R. Martin (
Date: Fri Jan 24 1997 - 10:52:44 EST

Micheal Palmer wrote:
> At 9:03 AM -0500 1/22/97, Randy Leedy wrote in response to Lee Martin:
> >I would modify your model so it reads like this:
> >
> > A B C D
> >the praise of the glory of the grace of him
> >
> >B, as I take it, is the abstraction modifying A, so I get "glorious
> >praise." "Grace" could, I suppose, be taken as an abstraction, but it
> >certainly doesn't modify "praise," and it seems awkward to me to take
> >it as modifying "glory." Your "gracious glory" just doesn't cut it
> >with me, but I can't quite put my finger on the reason. Rather,
> >"grace" seems to me to be best taken as an objective genitive after
> >"praise," and "His" as adnominal to "grace." The phrase ends up, in
> >my view, as signifying "the glorious praise of His grace."

Dear Randy,
I was not denying the possibility of your translation (as far as Greek
grammar is concerned), but I do not think it fits the Semitic pattern of
construct-genitive chains. Can you show me an example from the Hebrew
Bible that parallels Eph.1?

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