Re: deponency

From: Mike Adams (
Date: Sun Jan 19 1997 - 23:12:16 EST

Sorry I'm getting in on this a little late. I had to preach this Sunday.
(One of life's amazing little twists), so there wasn't much time for email.

Back in my more ignorant days, before I discovered b-Greek, and while I
still thought I knew a lot, I had a system of marking verbs for my Greek
students. (I taught informal classes at church). It was all color coded for
tense, and had little arrows to denote voice. A forward arrow denoted >
active. A back arrow < was for passive. Two arrows >< were for middle. I
can't show this on the screen, but deponents were simply two arrows, with
the active side bigger than the passive side. I came up with this idea,
because it seemed that in deponent verbs, there was always at least a hint
of reflexive action.

It is comforting to read, after all this, that maybe I wasn't too far off.
Maybe I wasn't leading those poor students to far awry. Thanks!

Ellen Adams
Wife of Mike
(co-Pastor, WellSpring Fellowship)

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