Re: deponency

From: Donald W Price (
Date: Tue Jan 28 1997 - 00:17:13 EST

Thanks for the answer regarding deponency, Carl. I've been off-line for
some ten days, and just this evening I had the privilege of reading your
reply. And about 264 other messages! Whee, they do add up.

Since I am a rather new subscriber to B-greek, I never saw any of your
earlier writings on this subject, but over the past two years, my study
has forced me to view these so-called deponent verbs as not really
"misplaced" after all, but " reflexive" in nature. However, it is nice
to learn of others who have come to the same conclusion, and that I am
not "off base" just because I disagreed with most grammars. Thanks,


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