Re: Greek Word Order

From: Randy Leedy (
Date: Mon Jan 27 1997 - 09:37:58 EST

I think my first attempt to send this message failed to arrive at
B-Greek. If not, please excuse the unnecessary repetition.

Micheal Palmer wrote:

>>>I have not seen your dissertation on the word order in Hebrews.
Can you give us the details on how to find it?

I did it at Bob Jones University in 1991. I don't know whether
University Microfilms carries it, but it is available via
interlibrary loan. It is entitled "Greek Word Order and Rhetorical
Emphasis in the Epistle to the Hebrews."

I'd enjoy receiving some responses to it if a few people familiar
with the field would care to look at it. Its conclusions are rather
tentative, and I have mixed feelings about its value. If anyone wants
to correspond further about it, please mail me off-list. If you put
the word "precis" in your subject field, you will receive an
automatically generated response including the text of the 500-word
(approx) precis.

Randy Leedy

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