Literary analysis of Romans

From: Michael Bell (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 02:44:29 EST

Someone advised me to forward this to your address. I have been requested,
at short notice, to lecture on the Book of Romans in a Bible College. The
College has even provided me with a text manual, so the study has basically
been done for me, and I have previously taught Romans. Here is the hard
part....I am right in the middle of refurbishing a Church house, that's the
wall paper stripping, sanding, painting, etc, with a deadline...oh my!
However, the College has asked me to introduce a literary aspect to the Book
of Romans; School starts in about a week and I am covered in paint and
plaster..oh the joys of being a smalltime Pastor! Has anybody got an Essay
of a Literary Summary or Analysis on Romans handy, so that I could peruse
and maybe even incorporate some of it. (all contributions will be acknowledged)
Or failing that, could someone advise on which Authors I might consider
reading on such a profound subject as Romans, particularly with the literary
aspect in mind. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


Michael C. P. Bell.

"Faith precedes knowledge and things divine must be a matter of experience
they can be comprehended by the intellect. He who does not believe, has
not felt , and he who has not felt , does not understand. Christ must come
to the
intellect through the avenue of faith and not to faith through the avenue of
intellect." Anselm, Archbishop of Canterbury. 1033-1109 A.D.

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