Music and Greek

From: Jonathan Robie (
Date: Thu Jan 30 1997 - 16:52:25 EST

I've been thinking about learning Greek and learning to play the flute. When
I practice the flute, I divide my time up into technical exercises and
playing. Most of my technical exercises are aimed towards developing my
tone. I use a regular program of exercises, and play whatever seems
interesting at the time. In general, I try to spend half of my time on each.

Greek is another skill which is developed progressively over time. In Greek,
I read out of the Bible, I read grammars, I work exercises, I use
flashcards...what is the best way to divide up this time? Should I spend
most of my time reading, or should I spend half of my time reading and half
of my time doing exercises? What is a good daily regimen? What is a good
weekly regimen?


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