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What grammar you use depends to some degree on the time factor involved. Is
the class a 3 credit course? A 4 credit course? Does it extend to two

I highly recommend David Alan Black's _Learn to Read New Testament Greek_
(Broadman, 1993), but his vocabulary load is perhaps a little steep for a 3
credit course. This would definitely be the text I would use if I had the
luxury of more time (as in a seminary where introductory NT Greek is taught
over two 4 credit semesters--almost nowhere these days!). For a fast and
furious semester of three units one could use James Efird's _A Grammar for
New Testament Greek_ (Abingdon, 1990), which is actually designed for such
"cram" courses. Ray Summers' _Essentials of New Testament Greek_ (revised
by Thomas Sawyer, Broadman & Holman, 1995) could also be used, if one can
steer around some of the defects of that grammar. The vocabulary load is
workable, it contains some good practice exercises, and the companion
workbook by Steven Cox is very well done. One might also consider William
Mounce's _Basics of Biblical Greek_ grammar and workbook (Zondervan, 1993).
The only drawback of Mounce's text is that it is somewhat wordy. It is nice
for students to have a concise grammar to refer back to later as a

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> Ashamed to have to ask this, as I know there was a recent discussion. A
> of mine who teaches Hebrew Bible (Danny Mynatt, Anderson College) has
> assigned an introductory course in Koine Greek for undergrads. What
> would you recommend? Please provide as much publication info as
possible, and
> duplicate responses to:
> You've always been gracious with your advice: I'm sure I'll learn from
> one, too. Thanks.
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