Re: What is your view on Revelation?

From: Phil Hildenbrandt (
Date: Sat Jan 25 1997 - 17:12:39 EST

>If not, which images in the book are symbolic? Which literal? How do you
>decide? Why?
This is quite a leading question and I will try to answer to the best of my

The entire Bible lends itself to vastly differing interpritations based on
a shakey reliance of symbolism and allegorical meaning read into the
scripture. The symbolism that each individual percieves is strongly tied to
any and all teaching that has been recieved on the subject. As can be
plainly seen, this will lead to many differing readings (interpritations)
of the same biblical passage. It certainly strikes one as odd that this
problem can be avoided by simply giving a literal translation to any
passage. I hope this attempts to answer your question.

As towards the metal feet remark,
1-None of us know God's reason for wanting Jesus to appear "mettalic clad
on the feet".
2-If God wants Jesus to have "metal feet", who will argue with God?
3-Is God unable to give Jesus "metal feet" if that is his desire?

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