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Date: Sat Feb 01 1997 - 17:23:54 EST

>Michael Bell wrote:
>Someone advised me to forward this to your address. I have been
>requested, at short notice, to lecture on the Book of Romans in a Bible
>College. The College has even provided me with a text manual, so the
>study has basically been done for me, and I have previously taught
>Romans. Here is the hard part....I am right in the middle of
>refurbishing a Church house, that's the wall paper stripping, sanding,
>painting, etc, with a deadline...oh my! However, the College has asked
>me to introduce a literary aspect to the Book of Romans; School starts
>in about a week and I am covered in paint and plaster..oh the joys of
>being a smalltime Pastor! Has anybody got an Essay of a Literary
>Summary or Analysis on Romans handy, so that I could peruse and maybe
>even incorporate some of it. (all contributions will be acknowledged)
>Or failing that, could someone advise on which Authors I might consider
>reading on such a profound subject as Romans, particularly with the
>literary aspect in mind. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
>Michael C. P. Bell.


If you have access to THE EXPOSITORY TIMES, you may find that the
article by Kenneth Grayston in the December 1996 issue is of help.
It is about 3000 words in length, very easy to read, and consists of a
brief introductory section, a summary of Romans section by section, and
a concluding paragraph. The article is entitled - "READING THE BOOK -

Brian E. Wilson

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