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Date: Tue Feb 04 1997 - 14:38:05 EST

> Subject: Greek Shareware
> Are there any free Greek programs or shareware on the market? I
> need the Greek New Testament on computer, but can't really afford
> to buy any programs.(UBS)
> James R. Armstrong
> Chaplain, Six Flags over Texas

The only free Bible program with a Greek text of which I am aware is
Online Bible. They do charge a fee for the disks or CD ROM, but the
programs are free to be copied. The CD ROM, which includes over 250
megs of material, translations in a variety of languages,
commentaries, etc. is only $30 the last I heard. Online Bible does
have its limitations in certain areas (the most obvious is the lack of
accents in the Greek text, and no vowel pointings for Hebrew), but it
is a useful program. They can be contacted at

 Rev. Phil Lindner, Online Bible U.S.A.
 P.O. Box 21, Bronson, MI, 49028
       Tel (517) 369-6035, or (800) 243-7124.

You can also check out their website at


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