Instrumental EN TW plus infinitive

From: Brian E. Wilson (
Date: Wed Feb 05 1997 - 08:28:01 EST

>JIM OXFORD wrote:
>Can anyone cite an example where the construction EN TW plus the
>infinitive conveys an instrumental nuance as opposed to a temporal one?
>What about the construction found in Acts 4.30: EN TW ...EKTEINEIN,
>would it constitute such an example?


I agree that EN TW...EKTEINEIN is instrumental - 'by stretching out your
arm' - in Acts 4.30. Another instance in Acts is in 3.26 - EN TW
APOSTREFEIN - 'by turning'.

I would suggest the following are also instrumental:

Luke 12.15 EN TW PERISSEUEIN - 'by having in abundance'
Romans 15.13 EN TW PISTEUEIN - 'by believing'
Hebrews 3.12 EN TW APOSTHNAI - 'by deserting'
Hebrews 8.13 EN TW LEGEIN - 'by speaking'

In his commentary, THE ACTS OF THE APOSTLES (London, 1951), F.F.Bruce
categorizes both 3.26 and 4.30 as 'instrumental' (page 129).

Brian E. Wilson

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