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> I don't think that there is an iota of difference between the meaning and
> usage of ALLHLOU (a compounded form of ALLOS ALLOU,KTL.--the distributive
> of "one vis-=E0-vis another") in all its forms and the plural of hEAUTOU in
> all its forms; they are variant ways of expressing reciprocity. I was going
> to suggest that the forms of hEAUTOU are later--Hellenistic--equivalents
> for ALLHLOU to express reciprocity of agents to each other, but I find that
> Sophocles already in the 5th and Plato in the 4th are using forms of
> hEAUTOU as equivalent to forms of ALLHLOU.
Carl, let me make sure I understand this by turning the question
around. Suppose Paul (or whoever) wanted to tell his users to
"speak to yourselves in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs" --
meaning to use these songs as a form of self encouragement. Would
he have used hEAUTOU or would he have used some other form? (I
am assuming here that the Greek is used in the plural when giving
a command to multiple people whether you are prescribing individual
actions or group actions.)


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