predicate adjectives

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Ron Minton wrote;
>>>>>>>In 2 Tim. 3:16, it seems to me that God-breathed and profitable are two
parallel predicate adjectives. Thus, they describe the quality of
Scripture, telling what kind of writing it is. In this context, it is
sort of like saying all Scripture is blessed of God or has God's stamp of
approval. This passage speaks as much of preservation as it does
inspiration. What think ye?<<<<<<<

It seems to me good to translate PASA GRAFH QEOPNEUSTOS KAI WFELIMOS PROS
and beneficial scripture is for reprove, for improvement. . . ." The
main emphasis before this sentence and after this sentence is that the
Pastor is trying to get the younger Pastor to use scripture and tradition
(PARADOSIS) to bring about more mature concepts (hUGIAINOUSHS DIDASKALIAS
[4:3]) in the church.

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