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From: Jim Oxford (
Date: Sat Feb 08 1997 - 15:55:42 EST

At 4:08 PM 2/8/97, Jonathan Robie wrote:

>3. Eph 3:9 FWTISAI [PANTAS]. I'm still weak with infinitives - if it weren't
>for the PANTAS in some manuscripts, I assume there would be no way of
>knowing whether Paul is the one being illuminated or whether the grace is
>given to Paul so that others might be illuminated. Is this true?


My take on this infinitive is that it is the second infinitive of a
compound construction beginnning in v. 8: Grace was given to Paul both to
preach (EUAGGELISASTHAI)... and to make known (KAI FWTISAI)...

PANTAS (which is well attested with an early 3rd cent. papyrus, the second
corrector of sinaiticus, and vaticanus) would then be the direct object of
FWTISAI, "all persons." The specific content of what Paul "makes known" is
spelled out with the following clause beginning with TI...

Unfortunately I have misplaced Metzger's 1st ed Textual Commentary on the
Greek New Testament, so I am unable to read the committee's thinking on
this variant (it is not listed in his 2nd edition). Can someone help me
out on this matter?


Jim Oxford
Ph D candidate in religion
Baylor University

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